Winter season is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and being prepared for any situations on the road can go a long way. Vehicle breakdowns still happen and can happen in certain locations without heat, light or cell-phone reception.

Running out of gas in the summer time is still never something you want to go through, but the winter season can truly leave you in a disaster. Make sure you always have your tank filled at a relatively decent spot in order to arrive at your destination safely.

In order to prepare yourself for a vehicle breakdown, or a relative situation, we have created a Survival Kit list that is recommended.

Item 1: A cell phone. Make sure you have a fully charged cell-phone on you as it can make the difference of getting help instantly or not getting help for a long period of time.

Item 2: A shovel. In order to help remove large amounts of snow.

Item 3: Windshield scraper. Give yourself a clear view of all windows by using this item.

Item 4: Battery powered radio with extra batteries. A back-up powered radio will come in handy during a vehicle breakdown, also the batteries can be used for multiple items like flashlights.

Item 5: Water/food. Staying hydrated and eating healthy food is needed incase you are stuck for a long period of time.

Item 6: Extra clothing/blankets. Staying warm is essential during very cold weather.

Item 7: Road salt/cat litter/sand. All of these items are proven to help with traction.

Item 8: Booster cables. Can help others get their vehicles started.

Item 9: Cell phone charger. A charger could be important if you don't have the ability to charge your phone before using your vehicle.

Item 10: A whistle/flag. In order to attract attention, you can choose noise or a flag to give anyone in the surrounding area a chance to know your location.

If you follow these 10 steps, you will be able to find help or safety much faster.