Eston College has been there since 1944. They started out as the Official Missionary and Bible Training Center of the Full Gospel Missions. In 1953, after the merger of two churches they became the Full Gospel Bible Institute. In recent years they became accredited for Bible training and in May 2007 changed names again to Eston College.

They employ 14 people to support approximately 80 students per year. That includes the Dean's Department, Administration, Academic, Student Services and Support Staff. The Eston College's highest enrollment is listed at 187 for the 76-77 school year. 

They announced that they would be moving to Regina earlier this month. Mayor of Eston Glen Goheen commented on the relocation, "they're trying to sell the buildings on site. They say they've had some inquiries about it, but it's unclear as to what those are. They're holding it pretty close to their heart."

Mayor Goheen continues "we'd like to have a little bit of influence as to what might be going in there." He said many former college students choose to stay in the town, many residents donate generously to the college, and for many nostalgic reasons it will be unfortunate to see it go. 

When asked about tax implications for the town, Goheen responded "if the property is sold to the right people then it could become a tax benefit for the Town of Eston. They don't currently pay taxes because they're a church."  He said the only burden that could fall on the town is if the Eston College was left empty like the hospital was back in 1997.