It's Christmas Day. The presents under the tree will be opened, leaving the Christmas tree only a short time left of glory before it goes back in the box, or in the case of a real tree, back into nature (or worse the dumpster).

The latest selection shared by Orchid Horticulture went over all things real Christmas trees; how they grow, how they are kept, and how there is a shortage. Many people have had their trees up for months, and these tips could help you when it comes to appreciating the fresh pine, but also on a smart disposal after the Christmas season. 

  • Freshly harvested trees do not shed needles, instead, they emit a lovely scent that permeates the entire house.
  • It takes about ten years to grow a tree from seed to about chest height! During that time, there is a lot of labour that goes into the growth of each and every tree
  • There is a shortage of Christmas trees available due to labour shortages and environmental issues like drought and unseasonably late frosts as well as many other factors. It takes years of care to grow a marketable Christmas tree, and the inevitable result is a shortage of the product.
  • When selecting your tree, it is important to give a fresh 2cm (3/4 inch) cut off the base of the tree and ensure that while in the stand it is constantly covered with fresh water. Please note that no other additives other than water are required to keep your tree nice and fresh.
  • When it does become time to move the tree out, I like to use it as a lovely bird feeder/house for our fine-feathered friends for the remainder of the winter. In spring, it is chipped and becomes garden mulch.

Other fun facts included that the first fill of water should always be hot to ensure the sap is warmed up enough to allow the flow of water up and down the tree. Some people just keep the tree in water, allowing it to last an extremely long time before becoming dry as well as taking away any fire hazard. 

"Support local, support real and enjoy all the benefits of having a real Christmas tree this holiday season."

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