Back on April 26th, rescheduled from April 20th, the Town of Rosetown held a focus group to gather input from residents, seniors, and organizations regarding the Town of Rosetown Strategic Plan renewal.

According to current plans, the Rosetown Strategic Plan includes a vision of providing essential and sustainable services to the community to enrich a small town quality of life, a mission to build upon and celebrate small town values and roots with wide open minds working, living, and playing in wide open prairie spaces, and values in town that are progressive with proactive plans ensuring a vibrant future.

"We promote an atmosphere of trusting, honest, and caring citizens in a safe and friendly community," states the town website.

The towns most recent strategic plan took place through months of consultation throughout town by community outreach, as well as according to the site time spent working with a planning consultant, Council and Management staff.

West Central Online spoke with Rosetown CAO Michele Schmidt, as the strategic plan receives an update every four years, building upon plans from previous years to build a strong future plan in Rosetown. Schmidt was in attendance last week, and shared some more on the process.

"This is the year that we are starting to renew it. We established surveys in December and January to get public input, and then of course held the focus group because we wanted to see if we could get additional input with regards to different town business, so that Council can sit down and review the community's input and renew their strategic plan moving forward," said Schmidt.

Discussion is always a strong aspect of local politics, and when it came to attendance, Schmidt says around 22-25 people were in attendance, not including town staff. A higher turnout could have been expected, but this was the first time an event like this regarding town planning was held. The fact the event was re-scheduled is reason enough to understand why there weren't more attendees, but Rosetown residents are always encouraged to bring their thoughts to the town office.

"Any concerns, discussions, or information that the general public wants to bring into the office, we make sure it is shared."

The input will likely lead some changes to the strategic plan in the near future. January 1st, 2023 begins the next 4 year cycle of the plans being instituted into Rosetown, and residents will want to keep an eye out for that.

More information on the strategic plan in Rosetown is available here.