After what started out as a mix of seasonal and winter driving conditions this morning, a majority of the west-central region is reporting adverse driving conditions to begin Friday morning.

Foggy skies around Rosetown are the main concern. The Highway Hotline is reporting poor visibility beginning at Fiske, and then headed east on Highway 7 all the way to Delisle. The fog is also being reported for Highway 4 north and south of Rosetown, as well as to the north on Highway 31 to Plenty, and then south of town on Highway 15 to about Milden. 

Pavement frost is what's causing winter driving for the rest of the region. Roads north of Kindersley were reporting seasonal this morning, but as of 6:50 AM they were changed to read winter driving.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 074757.jpgNearly all of west-central Saskatchewan is reporting winter driving conditions this morning (Screengrab via Highway Hotline)

As you can see above, areas to the north are reporting seasonal this morning. Highway 14 between Macklin, Unity, and Wilkie looks like smooth sailing, though the route into North Battleford is reporting winter conditions due to pavement frost as well.

Keep up with conditions on local highways by visiting the Highway Hotline.