The focus and mindset remain the same for FoodMesh Kindersley with the holidays just over a month away. The nonprofit organization aims to provide food, clothing, and company to everyone who needs it, especially during this time of year. 

The services FoodMesh Kindersley provides to the town are essential and many rely on their services. Barbe Dunn, a well-known member of the organization touches on what they're looking for. 

“Perishables are always a good hit. We get a fair bit of bread and staple items like pastas and that kind of thing, but it's always nice for people to have options.” 

Meat being one of those options. The price tag on meat often deters people from donating it. However, there are benefits to buying and donating meat, Dunn explains. 

“We've had people in the community that go together, and they buy beef. They donate the beef, and it's called a gift in kind so they can get an actual tax receipt for that. The tax receipt is for the value of the beef.” 

While food remains at the forefront of donations, Dunn continues to say there are plenty of items that are overlooked. 

“It sounds silly, but toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towel, laundry soap, shampoo. That kind of stuff we don’t get hardly ever.” 

From January to September, the total amount of food donated to the organization was over 100,644 pounds, including a donation of fresh apples by Ross Stonehouse, a longtime friend from British Columbia. Every single donation has helped the organization keep their head above water.  

“It just kind of goes in cycles like there's always enough, we’ve never had to turn people away. We've always had more than enough so it's not that we are panicking by any means because I mean God really has supplied and the community has been absolutely astounded like I am not kidding you.” Dunn says. 

On top of daily food donations, FoodMesh Kindersley has been involved with our Cozy Up and Care program which provides warm clothing and other essential items. Jackets have been bountiful the past month, as well as non-perishable food items, but boot donations in particular would be greatly appreciated.   

FoodMesh Kindersley is always looking for volunteers and Dunn says those looking to join the FoodMesh family can reach out anytime and she’ll be happy to walk them through the process of becoming a volunteer.  

donations A collection of some of the donations taken in by Foodmesh over the past few months