The weather has been floating around nothing recently, and it's not set to change. 

No big storms, no big freezes, no big heat waves. It's looking like a smooth bit of sailing for the forecast in West Central.

This is partly due to El Niño blowing warmer conditions in from the West, pushing off the colder temperatures for the season. 

According to Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang, that may be the case for most of the winter. 

"El Niño patterns tend to give warmer and drier winter conditions to Western Canada and that's certainly what we saw through November," said Lang. "It's looking like probably a trend towards that."

Lang isn't without hope for snow though. Even though El Niño is in full swing, colder temperatures will sneak past on systems occasionally. 

The area may even see a white Christmas, as Lang is confident that current models won't be able to accurately predict the holiday conditions from this far out. 

"We know that any kind of weather system can give us two centimetres of snow and more," said Lang. "It's just whether it's going to stick around or not."

A white Christmas is described as a Christmas with at least two centimetres of snow on the ground on Christmas day. If it's snowing while there is already two centimetres of snow on the ground, that is what is called a perfect Christmas.

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