Spooky season is in full swing and the perfect opportunity to get your fill of scares is taking place at the Elrose Brick School. The building is being transformed into a haunted house tonight and on Halloween with attendees embarking on a spooky mission.

Elrose Mayor and Elrose Brick School Preservation Committee member Dane MacDonald explains what the objective is.

"Basically what it's coming down to is that last year after our other house that we were at, some people apparently didn't make it out of the basement. There's a couple of graves in front of the school right now and it appears like a coffin has popped out of one of them and it's empty, so we don't know where anybody went from there. The suspicion is that they are in the basement of the brick school right now. People coming through are going to see if they can locate those missing."

Elrose Brick school was built in 1927 and MacDonald says the money raised from the two night event will help preserve and restore the almost century old building in addition to previous work which has been done.

"A couple of years ago there was an initiative started to replace the roof because the the shingles were falling off. The original cedar was past the expected lifetime. So now the roof has been replaced thanks to a generous community and government grant through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation. The roof is good and from there we're just going to try to raise some money to see If we can pick up any other portions of the building that need work."

Almost 300 people attended the haunted house last year and Macdonald looks forward to the same number or more this time around. Just be prepared for a frightful experience he adds.

"It doesn't matter your age, you're going to we can guarantee that." 

Admission either of the nights is $5 with the first evening, the 27th, a 19+ event and the Halloween night is open to all ages.

Times: Friday October 27th - 8-11 PM

           Tuesday October 31st - 5:30 - 9:30 PM

Refreshments are available for the Friday and $5 slice of pizza can be purchased by those attending the Halloween night edition.

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