It was busy this weekend in Biggar as the community held their 2024 Town & Country Fair Days weekend.

The list of activities was seemingly endless, starting with Friday fireworks and ending on Sunday with a car show from 11-5. The all day "Fiber Fair", a kids carnival with proceeds going to a local camp, and petting zoo were some of the other main attractions.

Main Street was a busy place. Posted up outside of the credit union was a game of dunk tank, featuring a member of the Biggar RCMP.

Biggar RCMP dunk tank full.jpg Cst. Stevenson waiting for his next dunk (Photo via Biggar RCMP)

SGT. Dereck Crozier with the RCMP shared who the willing officer was, while giving his thanks to the community for a great weekend overall.

"Great fireworks display put on by the town for the Biggar Fair Days, a few unscheduled displays were seen after the event but done in a responsible manner." opened Crozier. "Cst. Stevenson braved the cold water of the dunk tank on the cooler Saturday. It was great to see the sun make an appearance for the well attended car show on Sunday. Great job by all planners and volunteers that made the events of the Fair Days a success."

The Biggar Revitalization Committee was excited for the weekend. Check out some of their photos posted on social media below from the parade on Saturday morning.