The fortieth edition of the Alsask Terry Fox Event took place over the weekend in the community just outside the Alberta border.

Being centered around a pancake breakfast and live action, the day is more of a fundraiser. There were a team of walkers headed around town to carry on the spirit of Terry Fox, but it was the fundraising going on separately helping carry on his legacy.

Both sides helped create another great event in Alsask as local Terry Fox Event Coordinator Candace Rea explained. 

"We had a few people who signed up as participants and did the walk and raised money on their own, but our actual local events are the pancake breakfast and the auction." said Rea as about 80 people were in attendance.

Rea has been helping out with the event since moving to the area in 2015. She got involved that September, beginning to work alongside Cindy Chiliak who is a seasoned veteran of the day in Alsask.

"Everyone seems to know her face and why she is there when she comes in!"

Rea has learned a good bit of history about the local event. It began back when Alsask was a military base.

"The local event started with the military with the base in Alsask. They did the run in the early years when Terry first started his campaign, then local volunteers just carried on, making sure we did an event almost every year."

For Rea to get involved it was an easy decision. Cancer, and cancer research in general is something close to her family's heart.

"(Cancer Research) is one of the big organizations I have always supported. My middle son was born with Retinoblastoma, which is cancer in the eye, and he had surgery at five weeks old."

Rea knows first-hand the effect this fundraising can have.

"I just knew from my experience in the hospitals, and with what we went through, that research matters."

Four decades of Terry Fox support this past weekend was a true community effort.

"We had tremendous supports from regional businesses, contributors, and local volunteers including the Oyen Lions who came and cooked breakfast."

Rea says the team was thrilled with the turnout and are hoping to have a celebration later this week. They raised $8,433 towards their $8500 goal, and donations can still be made here.

"Not done yet!"

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