The Outlook Landfill held its Grand Reopening last week. This is something that was about five years in the making according to Outlook CAO, Kevin Trew.  

“The landfill was not meeting all requirements of the Ministry of Environment required at the time. We then started working with the Ministry of Environment to look at what the issues were and what we needed to repair or fix or change to make so that we were compliant. And so, then the Council at the time sat down and started talking about how do we get a new active cell that is going to be compliant with the engineering standards? And that was established about 2017-2018, and then a new cell was put in place. The old cell then needed to be decommissioned and so that was applied for some funding. So, we finally got all that work done.” 

The finishing touches are being put together according to Trew. 

“All the dirt work and the decommissioning itself is done. We're just doing some fencing work and stuff now.”  

Even though Trew thought people may find it a little strange to be proud of the landfill, he knows employees of the Town of Outlook are looking forward to the new landfill being opened.  

“I know a lot of people kind of find it a little bit weird to talk about being proud of a dump, we are definitely very proud of the work that's being done. It's really made it a legitimate part of the community where you go there, and you can see the business model and the operations is a very growing concern.” 

Trew stated the Town of Outlook has had a long history of recycling and waste diversion projects.  

“Outlook has been very proud for years and has a history of championing waste diversion projects in recycling, composting different projects like that. We're working hard at even expanding the waste diversion projects that we have. We're using wood as a cover, which is chipped wood. So, we've worked that into our business model as well. So, yeah, lots of good work here.” 

With the project complete, Trew is looking forward to the benefits the landfill will give residents of Outlook.

“The cell and the and the landfill have a life expectancy of up to 90 years. So, we're really excited to be able to remove as much waste from that to even extend it further than 90 years. So, it's going to be long into serving generations of Outlook for many years to come.” 

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