The first degree murder trial for 70-year-old Greg Fertuck is on again, scheduled in Saskatoon Court of King’s Bench through next Wednesday, the 28th. His estranged wife Sheree went missing in 2015, and although her body hasn’t been found, her truck, keys, coat and cell phone were located at a gravel pit near Kenaston.

Fertuck was charged in June of 2019. Last fall, Justice Richard Danyliuk made the decision that the evidence from the Mr. Big Sting is admissible. A Mr. Big Sting is when undercover police pose as criminals and befriend a suspect, trying to get a confession.

There were trial delays because of the pandemic, and then a voir dire, or trial within a trial about evidence related to a Mr. Big Sting. Also, the Crown applied to re-open and submit new evidence and Fertuck complained about his lawyers to the Law Society without their knowledge, leading them to withdraw. He then chose to represent himself. This next week through the 28th is for the defence to present further evidence.