The west central region continues to push through this year’s harvest, and it is now 60 per cent completed. This is ahead of the five-year average of 41 per cent.

With winter cereals, peas and lentils harvested for the year, producers are focusing on completing their spring cereals before moving their focus to oilseeds. Durum harvest is at 71 per cent, barley is 69 per cent, spring wheat is 63 per cent and oats are 61 per cent in the bin for the year. Mustard is 61 per cent harvested for the year, ahead of canola at 31 per cent and flax 15 per cent complete.

With over half the crop off for the year, yields can be estimated. Hard Red Spring Wheat is estimated to yield 49 bu./ac., durum to yield 28 bu./ac. and canola 25 bu./ac. Barley is estimated to yield 45 bu./ac. and triticale 10 bu./ac. Mustard is estimated to yield 919 lbs./ac. and lentils 1,341 lbs./ac.

The Rosetown area received 30 mm of rain this past week, the most for the region. Topsoil moisture remains limited. Cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 15 per cent adequate, 49 per cent is short and 36 per cent is very short. Hay and pastureland is rated as seven per cent adequate, 41 per cent short and 52 per cent very short.

Crop damage this past week was due to some hail damage, drought conditions and grasshoppers. Producers are busy swathing and combining. Livestock producers are also moving cattle, securing winter feed supplies and hauling water.

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