Members of the community are looking to reach out and offer help about narcotic addictions to residents.

The Heartland Health Region is presenting their information session geared towards providing information about what kind of drugs exist in society, what parents can do with a drug situation with their child, and much more.

The program is commonly titled "Moms, Dads, Kids and Drugs: Who's Winning?", but organizers stress the session is not limited to just families. "It's not just for moms and dads. It's for anybody who's wanting to know what's happening in society with some of the drugs catching headlines," said Brian Kirkness, addictions counselor for the Heartland Health Region. "We will talk about what's out there, what are some of the things a parent can do to prevent these things, and even more than the parent is the community."

Kirkness explained the community needs to take action because the problem with drugs in a community expands farther than in households.

"We'll talk about we can do as a community to reinforce the fact not everybody is doing this stuff, but what do we do when we have this issue," explained Kirkness. "We've done this in the past where the community has gotten together and said we have to deal with this as a community."

He added how he not only receives positive feedback about the information seminar from previous meetings. But, attendees have raved about its positive impact. "The response has been super," said Kirkness. "If everyone is coming at it from the same angle, it makes it so much easier for everybody to help everyone out."

Organizers held the first meeting on November 16th at Kindersley Composite School.

The next session begins at 7:00 PM tomorrow night at Westberry Elementary School in Kindersley. Presenters will give directions to residents who plan to attend once they arrive at the school.