Saskatchewan’s MLA’s have decided not to take a pay increase next year in response to this week’s announcement of the province’s $1 billion deficit.
The Saskatchewan government will also only by hiring for positions that are considered necessary to the province.

Politicians also accepted a wage freeze when oil prices went down in 2015.

The provinces MLA salary rules were put in place 10 years ago by an independent review stating that MLAs will get a raise in April based off the previous year’s inflation. According to those rules, this will not change until another independent review is held.

Saskatchewan politician’s wages went up by 1.6 per cent on April 1st of this year.

MLAs make almost $100,000 a year depending on their position.
The base salary for the Leader of the Opposition, the Speaker, and Cabinet ministers is over $145,000 a year.
Premier Brad Wall makes over $166,000, and will still get a raise of $37,000 next year. The Premier’s pay increase in 2017 will come from donors as opposed to taxpayers.