Earlier this month, Saskatchewan Highway Patrol and SGI conducted a 72-hour campaign to identify vehicles not mechanically sound for the road just outside of North Battleford. In a release, during that time 332 vehicle checks were conducted.

Of the vehicles checked; 

  • 103 vehicles (31 per cent) were removed from operation due to cargo securement and brake issues. 

  • The removal of 16 drivers (4.8 per cent) were removed due to exceeding the hours-of-service limit, false records, license endorsements and drug impairment. 

  • The discovery of 81 additional vehicles with mechanical defects that require immediate repair. 

With 148 trucks/power units and 82 trailers passing inspection and receiving CVSA decals.  

These are applied if no critical violations are detected during certain inspections. 

"Saskatchewan residents need to feel they can travel safely on our highways and removing unsafe commercial vehicles from our roads is one way we accomplish that," 

 Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Paul Merriman said in the statement.  

"While it is important to transport food, fuel and goods to and from communities throughout our province, we do not want that to put our residents at risk because vehicles and drivers are not meeting proper standards." 

Later this year, Saskatchewan Highway Patrol will be conducting other Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance campaigns focusing on safe drivers and brake safety