Another day of white-knuckled driving could be ahead, coming off two nights of ice covered roads around the area.

Freezing rain started early yesterday morning, and by our 10:00 AM update the road south of Elrose had been downgraded to Travel Not Recommended, with the rest of the local map not to far behind.

To get a first hand account of the conditions, we reached out to local weather chaser Jenny Hagan and her Lost in Saskatchewan brand. Hagan gave a description on what she saw during her commute in the morning and in the afternoon. If it were up to her, the advisory against travel would have been posted earlier for the entire area.

"Conditions weren't good on the east/west road, there was some ground drifting going on. (When you approached) south of Kindersley, that is when the ice started building up really bad on the highway," said Hagan of the mix of precipitation combining with cold temperatures and wind to create a treacherous scenario for drivers.

"Even at 70 km/h I was seeing semis skid on those ice surfaces due to the strong side winds, and it was pure ice on all north/south lanes."

Hwy 21 blocked.jpg This skidded semi trailer blocked the road for a good part of the afternoon yesterday (Photo courtesy of Jared St John)

One particular stretch of Highway 21 between Glidden and Kindersley was especially slippery; an absolute skating rink according to Hagan:

The above video had Hagen showing up close how affected the road was, as the various patches of ice or drifts of snow caused problems for people all day long. Some sunshine today could help out with the overall situation on the roads, but at this time icy and slippery sections are still  being noted all around West Central.