An update from the Town of Kerrobert on Monday shared that the outdoor gun range near town is closed, and will remain so until further notice.

West Central Online reached out to administrator Tara Neumeier for an explanation. It was due to a change in policy.

"Last year it was kind of a grey area, and the people they get insurance from were willing to have gun clubs in there as a liability. But then this year at the renewal the insurers added an exclusion to the (policies) that relate to the gun clubs and ranges, and they excluded (those operations)."

It was a situation taken out of the Town's hands, and with liability lost, the easy decision was made to shut down the gun range for safety. For now.

"We are working with a group to see if they want to take it over. Because it is sitting on Town property still."

This clarification will hopefully help keep people off the range until things are resolved. They want people to be aware as it could take some time.

It may have just been an insurance issue, but it's key information people have to know as we enter a busy time of year for local gun ranges. 

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