It was a memorable night for a Kindersley resident at the bowling alley this past Wednesday.  

Gerald Bleile, showed up to league night just like every other week, but this night would be different for him. The 71-year-old began his night as usual but didn’t have the best start to the evening, he explained. 

“The first game wasn't that great. I only bowled 150 something. I’m 71 so I’m not as agile as I used to be.” Bleile chuckled. 

It was the following game when Bleile hit his groove. His first ball of the new game was a strike, followed by another, and another, and another. He soon found himself heading into the 8th frame with only strikes on the scoreboard. Bleile explains the emotions he felt leading up to this point. 

“I really didn't feel anything any different than when I threw the first one. I’m always relaxed when I go up and throw. But most of the people there were starting to quit throwing until I threw my ball, and the bowling alley was quiet, and I’m not used to that kind of stuff, but other than that I felt good all the time.” 

The strike in the 7th frame would unfortunately be the last Bleile would throw in the game. He left the corner pin in the 8th and would ultimately finish with a score of 332, his best outing in quite some time. 

“I believe it’s one of my better games, it’s been a while. When I was younger, I used to get a few 300 games, but I haven’t had one in years” says Bleile. 

Fellow bowlers applauded Beile on his high scoring game which was the talk of the alley. Bleile’s son Wayne was happy to see the accomplishment. 

 “It's been a few years since he threw a 300 game. He had a good night; it was nice to see him do that.” 

For roughly 35 years Bleile has bowled 5 pin, and shares what he enjoys most about it. 

“I just like to get out and mix with the people and bowl twice a week. It’s good exercise. I just go out and enjoy myself that’s all I do.” 

Bleile looks forward to getting back to the lanes next week and hopefully bowling more strikes.