The Kindersley Centennial Lions are a new service club which was made possible by the Eston Lions Club, which just celebrated 70 years of service. “The Eston Lions Club has been trying get a club going in Kindersley because they see the benefits it brings to their community and felt that Kindersley too would greatly benefit. There is the population to support such a club here in Kindersley and there are always needs that could be met by a service club,” said Kindersley Centennial Lions Secretary Michelle Conway.

Lions Clubs International celebrated their 100th anniversary this year. “Lions Clubs support their communities through many initiatives. They provide five kinds of service dogs through dog guides Canada for diabetes, autism, seeing, hearing, and seizure dogs. Lions are knights of the blind and support many sight initiatives, as well support programs for hearing loss, and diabetes prevention. They do many programs with kids including a program to provide elementary children with medic alert bracelets, art contests, reading programs. On top of that they help build playgrounds, pools, support families with medical needs, really anything. Where the is a need there is a lion,” added Conway.

The Kindersley Centennial Lions will be handing out hot chocolate on November 25th during the Downtown Kindersley Association’s Sleigh Rides which are from 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm.

Conway also spoke about why she believes service groups are important. “Service groups build community, they bring people together with a common goal - to serve others. There is nothing more satisfying then knowing you have helped someone in need. With tight government budgets, communities are left to raise funds on their own. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. When you join a club it brings about a sense of belonging, you meet new friends and make connections, you can be proud of what you have accomplished. Service clubs build investment into our community, and builds stronger communities as a result.”