After the Town of Kindersley "kicked off Christmas" in town last weekend with Santa photos, hot chocolate, and much more, another Christmas activity is set to take over the Main Street core on Sunday.

Kindersley's annual Christmas Carol Festival is being held at the St. Paul's United Church on the evening of Sunday, December 3. The Christmas event will help keep the holiday flare going in town, and support a good cause as well.

One of the main organizers Shannon Skinner is excited for the 2023 edition. All proceeds from this event go towards the Kindersley and District Music Festival, who also happen to put it on.

"The (festival) committee is the group that puts the event on, and have for many years," said Skinner. "It's typically the first Sunday in December, we just try to get the community excited about Christmas."

The talent featured is typically referenced by local music teachers, and have likely performed at the local festival before. Both teachers and students tend to get in on the action. It's open to the community as well.

"Pretty casual event, just to get everybody in the mood for Christmas, and to showcase all the great talent we do have in our community. Because we do have a lot of great musicians who come out and play."

St._Pauls_United_Crop.jpg St. Paul's United Church is located at 502 Main Street, Kindersley (File Photo)

Skinner couldn't confirm what songs are making the setlist, but did talk about some of the talent itself.

"I have four students that are going to come play. Right now we have a couple of instrumentals, like a saxophone and tuba duet coming in to play some Christmas songs." said Skinner as the list also includes a well-known ensemble, but also a heavy emphasis on community voices. "Our community choir usually comes and sings, our bell choir might come play a couple pieces, one of the church choirs comes and sings as well, and then we do a couple of Christmas songs and have the audience participate as well." invited Skinner to anyone wanting to test their holiday pipes.

Skinner expects around 28 pieces on the program setlist. A couple of hours of singing and listening to music later, all the money raised will be going towards the festival group.

"For admission we just ask for a collection at the door, a donation to the music festival," said Skinner. "As little or as much as you would like to donate, that would be fantastic."

Christmas is getting closer by the da,y and Skinner wants the music to help usher in another holiday season around west-central Saskatchewan. 

"We appreciate all of that, and yes, just come and enjoy come Christmas music."

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