Sunday was a beautiful day around the Town of Kindersley. Like many, the Kindersley Fire Department took full advantage by setting up their public education trailer outside of Caleb Village in Kindersley.

Four fire fighters, a group including Deputy Chief Mitch Hope, took time out of their weekend to provide some important information on fire safety, and also deliver fire blankets, just one part of a larger community initiative.

The local fire department shared the following on Facebook prior to their Sunday visit, the Town of Kindersley later adding a few pictures.

Their main call to action on Sunday was to hand out the aforementioned fire blankets. Kindersley Fire Chief Jeff Soveran talked about the tremendous success they have had handing them out.

"We can't seem to keep enough supply of them," said Soveran on their current stock. The department's fire education program must be paying off.

"Our public education unit at the fire department is huge. We think it's as important as going out and firefighting, is educating the public to avoid fires." said Soveran

The department spends as much time at different low-income housing places as they can, like Caleb Village, Evergreens, and Dawn View in Kindersley. He described cooking incidents as one of their main reasons for calls, a common example being smoke alarms triggered by a stove being left unattended.

There are tons of examples like that where a fire blanket could come in handy, and Soveran shared why they are a near-necessity for older-folks.

"They aren't comfortable with fire extinguishers. We are doing courses with them and stuff, but you still have to check it, pull the pin, test it right at the base of the fire. It seems like a lot of steps for them."

Soveran believes that fire blankets can help out tremendously in these scenarios, sharing more on their utility.

"Throw it over top, and its got the smothering capability to at least get it out." he said, as it's not for large fires, a smoky mess in the kitchen being the perfect example of a chance to use it.

The fire education trailer has been a hit all over, same with the fire blankets. Soveran talked more about why they can't seem to keep enough fire blankets on hand.

"They have taken off, I think we ordered in about 600, and basically we can't keep them in stock so many people want them. Just having another safety device they feel comfortable using."

While they are quite the marvel, Soveran couldn't stress enough how they aren't to be used for big fires. Keeping it handy can make a difference, but it can't be counted on in every scenario. They want people to make sure they keep it close, hanging it up for quick access in  a potentially high-hazard area. 

"What a privilege to sponsor fire blankets for Caleb Village!"

Sunday was only made possible thanks to help from the community. Better Together Kindersley sponsored Caleb Village, Kindersley resident Candy Gordon sponsored the blankets for Evergreens, and Whitecap Resources paid for the blanket donations at Dawn View to fill about 200 units total throughout Kindersley.

"We have been touring all of those facilities and making sure they all have them. Then we've had sponsorships from a number of companies who have just gone out and paid for them." said Soveran, giving a shoutout to the amazing amount of initiative seen in the community.

Soveran and the rest of the Kindersley Fire Department are now shifting their focus to the public when it comes to fire blankets. Anyone interested in a fire blanket can contact them at with your name and phone number. Its $20 dollars a blanket, delivery being another $5.

Keep up to date with the Kindersley Fire Department's calls to service, and all of the great things they have to offer such as fire blankets, through their Facebook page HERE.