The Kindersley Indoor Rodeo made it into the news a little prior to our initial check-in for the 2024 event. Ahead of another season of rodeo, The Canadian Cowboys Association recognized Kindersley Indoor Rodeo President Sam Hawken as the group's 2023 Committee Member of the Year.

WestCentralOnline caught up with rodeo committee member Steve MacIntyre, who opened with some kinds words for their leader Hawken.

"It's a group effort, but Sam and Glenda (Hawken) have kind of taken the bull by the horns and directed us with his background in rodeo with his family. Kind of know the ins and outs." said MacIntyre, who has some rodeo experience, but has just lately been exposed to how much work it takes to organize the event. "Gone to a few rodeos throughout my little career, and you don't really realize how much work that goes into it. For the contestants, we just show up and do our events, and then head on down the road. Being on the committee myself here the last few years, has really given me an appreciation for the committees that put these things on."

Self-admittedly the muscle of the operation, MacIntyre knows the annual indoor rodeo, one of the more popular in the province, wouldn't be possible without the team led by Hawken.

"Without guys like Sam and the rest of the committee, we wouldn't have a rodeo here in Kindersley." said MacIntyre, digging more into his role. "We all really work together really quite well, I try to help Sam as much as possible with the heavy lifting — literally — and try to just keep things going smooth on my end. I like working on the times inside, and keep things rolling on that end. Then whatever anyone else needs, I try to help out best I can."

Part of the committees job is to secure sponsors for the rodeo, the other most important thing when it comes to putting the event on.

"Can't thank the sponsors enough. You can have the best committee in the world, but if you don't have the sponsors, that's really what it comes down to, and that's what has afforded us to have such a successful rodeo. But then having the right people in the right spots, that's a main key too."

Getting closer to the opening day of the rodeo, MacIntyre is excited to have the staple event back for another year.

"Kindersley I think is one of the biggest (rodeos) in the CCA. Our goal is to put on a great show for the fans, and the people that are just kind of getting into rodeo." he said, while also still focusing on the level of competition. "But also to make it attractive, for you know the world champions that we've had show up."

They want to make Kindersley a date to circle on the calendar.

"We try to make it the best, and most attractive with the prize money we give out, prizes we give out." said MacIntyre. "Take into consideration that, and how we want to put that product out there, and without sponsors, we wouldn't be able to do that. Obviously it's a team committee event, but it's also a community event." he finished on the topic, as rodeo often thrives on the support of it's community.

MacIntyre and the committee as a whole will begin to get a lot busier, with the event admittedly coming up quick.

"Getting our poster out fairly soon, entries will be coming up here in the middle of May." said the soon-to-be-busy rodeo volunteer. "Not necessarily a panic mode, but it's just trying to get the little stuff done, that adds up to big stuff if it doesn't get done. Staff is working hard trying to get all those loose ends figured out, and my job is just to help out and support as best I can and do what needs to be done. Work with Sam, and try to get the big projects done like fixing corrals, putting gates up, making it so that our stock contractors want to come back, and know they have a safe place to keep their animals." chuckled MacIntyre.

While Sam has gotten most of the shine as president, MacIntyre made sure to shout out the rest of the incredible team one more time.

"It wouldn't be as good as it is. My hats off to them, Rayellene Leipert, Karen Klein, Jen Chester, Glenda Hawken obviously." said MacIntyre in closing. "We don't have the biggest committee, but we try to do the best we can. Working our tails off to do that."