The Kindersley Museum and Tourism Centre is currently searching for a few more participants to occupy the remaining vacant spots for their upcoming food safety course in May.

Failure to fill up the course openings would result in the cancelation of the event and would jeopardize the museum from running the course in the future.

Secretary for the KMTC, Anna Polsfut details how many individuals are needed and why the course is being offered.  

“We are on the hunt for at least six more people to sign up for the food safety course in order to make it go. It can be anybody whether they need it for work or they need it for a volunteer organization or anything like that. The museum had a few members that needed to do a reset on their food safety course and a lot of the members are not wanting to do the online side of things. They prefer to do it in person so we found a fellow from Saskatoon who can come out and teach it to us.”

Polsfut continues to say the course covers everything and explains the cost to attend.

“$69 upon arrival unless you're a museum board member and you've previously attended meetings and that pays for our guy to come out from Saskatoon and to bring us all work booklets. The course teaches how to safely handle foods for events and for volunteer organizations if they're having a bake sale or whether they're working in a restaurant, kitchen or anything like that and there is an exam at the end of the day that you have to pass in order to pass the course.”

Individuals looking to register ahead of May 11th can either message the Kindersley Museum and Tourism Centre Facebook page or e-mail The course runs from 9 AM to 5 PM May 11th.


Looking past the food safety course, Polsfut also highlighted what events are upcoming at the Kindersley and District Plains Museum.

“We are very excited that the town's tourism advisors will be coming back this summer, so they're looking at doing lots of summer programming and we're obviously looking forward to our antique seeding demonstration that the threshing club does every year.”

The tourism season at the KDPM usually lasts from May 1st-August 31st.