After much was made about the fact that a local jumped in his airplane to help assist in locating a suspicious vehicle alert put out by Swift Current Rural RCMP earlier this week, we spoke with Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson of the Kindersley RCMP as they were the ones to eventually locate the vehicle near Plenty.

Not only did the air support help, but so to did some West Central farmers as everybody in the area was committed to some vigilante work in order to get the bad guys.

"I appreciate the help from from the ground and the air, because a lot of the farmers pointed us in the direction too," said Peterson in an interview.

Peterson mentioned it's especially important to get this stuff out because of the seemingly never-ending run of rural property crime. He says these type of arrests show people what the local RCMP have been up to, and that peoples assistance haven't gone un-noticed or un-thanked.

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