Back at the start of August a chilling report came through social media of a possible abduction attempt at the spray park on Princess Street in Kindersley.

On August 3 the Kindersley RCMP responded with extensive patrols and a priority investigation that has now concluded. It was found that with the evidence collected there was no abduction attempt occurred. This news was included in their most recent report.

Kindersley RCMP is releasing this information in an attempt to assure the community that no risk was identified after a "fulsome investigation".

Still, this whole incident serves as a reminder from investigators to parents that discussions about safety tips, especially around strangers, should be a regular discussion.

"Remind them to never go anywhere with someone they don’t know or trust, and to report any suspicious activity to a trusted adult as soon as possible. Kindersley RCMP would like to caution the public about posting allegations on social media and the importance of obtaining information from credible sources."

WestCentralOnline reached out to the Kindersley RCMP shortly after the initial reports were brought to their attention.

“We would like to remind the public that if they have a concern or a suspicious circumstance to report it to the police immediately. If there are public safety concerns, the RCMP will communicate this to the public,” states Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson, Kindersley RCMP. “We would hate to see someone being falsely accused of a crime before it is properly investigated.”

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