On Monday, council met to discuss the Infrastructure Capacity Assessment, upcoming projects, and the mayor's proclamations to bring as much awareness to important subjects that need attention. 

Town Council was presented with the Infrastructure Capacity Assessment by Deputy Administrator Kim Vogel. This assessment is made every 10 years to look over town infrastructure and what will need upgrading or extensive work. 

Work that will be happening right away will be the upgrading of the water main over four different blocks. 

Other projects brough up include repaving, patching and rebuilding some sections of road throughout the town as the year continues. 

No set schedule has been released as of reporting, but expect to see one as things move out of the planning stages. 

Before closing the meeting Mayor Ron Perkins made three proclamations. 

  • April 28 will be recognized as A Day of Mouring for Persons Killed or Injured in the Work Place 

  • May 5 to May 11 will be Emergency Preparedness Week 

  • And every Tuesday in 2024 will be known as Better Together Tuesdays 

You can read the complete minutes here 

Or watch the full meeting here