The town of Leader has been busy constructing a new water holding tank in town. This necessary upgrade is being done as the old tank has reached well past its expiry date.  

This update is a must as this tank holds a portion of the drink able water for the town, and having this constructed now helps prevent any disruption to service.  

The new tank will have the same capacity but be given a color to match the water treatment plant itself. 

The funding for this project comes from a grant that will cover close to three quarters of the total cost, with the rest of the funding coming from a utility surplus and other revenue sources. 

This is just one of many projects planned, with many other systems and infrastructure ending their term. 

“We also just completed a clarifier upgrade ... and the town's working hard at solving the solution of the low water levels and looking at some different options there. So, we've got a lot of utilities and water infrastructure happening in the coming months and years.” 

Explained Chief Administrative Officer Erin Romanuik in a recent interview. 

More information can be found on the Town of Leader monthly bulletin here