Kindersley born Jade Prior has been commissioned for a new mural on Railway Ave. Commission for the south wall of local business The Crafted Hand its been in the works of planning for about a year. Jade who completed her schooling in Medicine Hat and now lives in Saskatoon, was born and raised in Kindersley and still has family connections here, talked how excited she was to have her art on display in her hometown. 

When it comes to community revitalization, few initiatives have the power to transform public spaces and ignite local pride quite like mural projects. Murals are vibrant symbols of community identity, creativity, and collective spirit. These large-scale artworks not only beautify neighborhoods but also foster social cohesion and cultural dialogue among residents.

One of the hallmark features of mural projects is their ability to empower local artists. These initiatives provide platforms for emerging and established artists alike to showcase their talents on a grand scale. By commissioning artists from within the community, mural projects not only bolster the local arts scene but also create opportunities for economic growth and professional development.

Jade has just started work on the mural and its expected to be be completed mid next week. Drive by and watch the transformation!