Farmers in their fields this long weekend will be attempting to get done a big chunk of harvest. Around the west-central region things around nearly half-done, according to the latest crop report.

One thing you never want to see when the big machinery is in play is a contact with a powerline. SaskPower has done a terrific job outlining a map for farmers through their Look up and Live program, and are providing some precautionary tips as well to avoid a situation this long weekend.

SaskPower's Scott McGregor shared the following.

"With every seeding or harvest we just want to get the message out, for farmers, or really anybody operating large equipment near powerlines. Do it safely, plan your route ahead of time, take routine breaks, utilize a spotter if you can, lower your equipment. Just take the simple steps that make sure you come home at the end of the night."

Anything that extends far out left or right, or really high can be potential for a hazard. Line contacts can happen easier than you think.

"Usually after working really long hours, you might see someone who doesn't bring down (their equipment) and start driving home, and come into contact with a powerline or power pole."

Taking your time is never a bad idea towards a job well done. 

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