Thanks to a multiyear increase, the minimum wage of the province will be going up to $15 an hour starting October. 

Starting in 2022, it was shown that over a two-year periods the minimum wage would go to this new value. The first bump went from 11.81 to 13 dollars, with further increases of a dollar pre year until the 15-dollar goal was met. 

In a statement Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don McMorris want to make it clear that “increasing minimum wage is one way we are supporting workers in this province.” McMorris went on to explain that “Saskatchewan also continues to have among the lowest personal taxes in Canada which makes it a great place to live, work and rise a family.” 

Also, of note within the release, in this year's provincial budget, there were no new taxes or tax increases. 

Since 2007, tax reductions have resulted in 112,000 low-income Saskatchewan residents no longer paying provincial income tax. 

In 2007, the minimum wage in the province was $7.95, showing an increase of 89 percent with the proposed $15 dollar minimum.