On November 22nd, it was National Housing Day across Canada. National Housing Day is recognized to mark the importance of affordable housing and acknowledge the contributions of the people and organizations who help create housing solutions in communities across Canada. 

Safe, secure, and affordable housing provides the stable foundation on which to improve well-being, raise families and build strong communities. Since 2007, the government has invested more than $727 million to develop or repair more than 15,300 housing units across the province. In West Central Saskatchewan, the goverment owns approximately 360 rental units that can be rented out to low-income families or seniors. The Repair program has provided around 57 households in West Central Saskatchewan assistance to fix up their homes, equalling an investment of approximately $600,000 in the past 8 years. 

Progress is being made:

-In April 2016, the province signed the Social Infrastructure Fund Agreement with the federal government. This agreement will provide an investment of up to $54.8 million in affordable housing in Saskatchewan over two years.

-The province is working to support citizens who are experiencing barriers to securing safe and affordable housing. Through programs like the Summit Action Fund and the Rental Development Program, $2.6 million was invested between November 2007 and August 31, 2016 to complete 40 affordable rental units specifically for people experiencing disabilities.

-The province is working with northern stakeholders to address housing challenges in the north. Through a number of initiatives and partnerships with municipalities and other government agencies, more than 300 rental and homeowner units have been completed or are under construction in northern Saskatchewan since 2007.

-Under the Saskatchewan Home Repair Programs, 3,929 units have been repaired and 178 repairs are in progress, as of the end of August 2016.

-The province is supporting the development of additional affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for low- to moderate-income people, by committing nearly $9 million in funding to support the construction of 152 Habitat for Humanity homes in 13 communities since 2009. Of the 152 homes, 110 are complete or substantially complete and 41 are under construction. Through the HeadStart on a Home program, the province continues to collaborate with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Saskatchewan, municipalities, and financial institutions to increase the supply of entry-level homes in the province.

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