Both foggy and slippery conditions are affecting the start to the work week around west-central Saskatchewan. 

Pavement frost around the region is being joined by poor visibility due to the fog. As you can see below, each direction out of Kindersley, as well as most of the area to the north is reporting poor visibility this morning. 

Screenshot 2024-01-29 073135.jpg Highway Hotline screengrab as of 7:30 AM Monday

The situation should improve as the sun rises and existing fog patches around the region finally dissipate. As the fog lifts and the temperature rises, drivers will need to be aware of any slippery sections caused by both pavement frost and even black ice.

Screenshot title.jpg The entire region is reading winter driving conditions this morning (Screengrab via Highway Hotline)

The upcoming weather this week could make slippery roads a trend for the time being. Read more on the upcoming forecast, and also find tips on driving during the slippery week ahead in the related stories section below.