Saskatchewan anglers are getting their gear ready with fishing season around the corner and the province releasing its yearly Angler's Guide.

That includes information on fishing limits, laws, and other pertinent pieces of info for anglers.

Kory Bertrand, a fishery biologist with the Ministry of Environment, talks about some of what the guide will cover.

"The Angler's Guide is really the amalgamation of all the rules, regulations, policies, and the practices that really form the guiding beacon of what's not allowed and what is allowed when it comes to angling. So, what we have in Saskatchewan are general provincial catch limits that are common throughout the province and the guide includes the comprehensive list of water bodies with specific cash limits and special regulations if the water body in question has any."

Bertrand said they're focusing on adjusting those limits and legally there will be no major changes for fishing.

"For this year, we're definitely focusing in terms of reduced limits on focusing in on some struggling populations. There aren't any major changes in terms of who needs a license, that hasn't changed, and opening dates, none of that has changed. It's mostly population management decisions here." 

Angler's guides can be found online on the Saskatchewan government's website and anywhere that valid fishing licenses are sold.