Rain and snow are showing up once more set to fall in West Central Saskatchewan.  

Stephen Berg, a meteorologist with environment and climate change Canada gave us a look into this week’s weather and what to expect. 

“Looks like it's coming from a kind of a persisting low-pressure system in the vicinity of Kindersley and initially for today bringing up some warm, moist air from the South that will provide some instability for the possibility of some thunderstorms. 

Towards later in the week so towards midweek that low is going to dip towards the southeast and brings more rain and then towards the later part of the week when it's Wednesday onwards, there might be a bit of snow possibilities as the low moves off to the southeast and the cool air comes in from the north. 

 That'll mix in with some of the moisture and then give kind of a rain snow mix of possibilities there.” 

Like many of us, we thought winter was behind us, but typically cold temperatures can come and go until the end of may or even June depending on the situation.