Gloomy weather this week has brought with it a decent amount of rain for west-central Saskatchewan. The rain held off to start the week, but the skies have opened up more throughout the past few days.

In his latest report for Saskatchewan, senior agri-meteorlogist with World Weather Inc. Drew Lerner shared that the province as a whole received scattered showers, some more than others.

"That moisture total that we expect to see between now and Friday morning will likely run from trace amounts, to about 4-5 millimetres." said Lerner, as Rosetown blew those totals out of the water with 14 mm of total precipitation alone on May 1. 

Though scattered showers mixed with rain will likely continue into Friday, skies should clear before a slight reprieve on Saturday.

"Temperatures will be in the middle, and upper single-digits while we deal with this first storm system, and then move into the teens on the weekend."

Still, frost is a possibility with nighttime lows in the forecast currently reading below zero.

"Especially as we finish up this first storm system, and have a short term break of drier weather. So that will be late this week, and early into the weekend." said Lerner. "Nighttime lows are going to be mostly single digits, but we will still have some freezing occurring around (the province)."

Another likely possibility is that more rain will be hitting the region next week. Lerner shared that a new low pressure system could bring another wave of precipitation for the middle of next week.