The final few days of January saw quite the situation unfold in the Town of Kindersley.

Back on Friday, January 26, the newsroom received word of an increased police presence around 1 Ave West in Kindersley. As WestCentralOnline arrived on scene, Kindersley RCMP Staff SGT. Kevin Peterson confirmed things to be a pre-planned event.

The Kindersley case was included in the Saskatchewan RCMP's latest weekly report. The recap of events can be found in the link below, as only one individual received charges following the situation's resolution.

"As a result of further investigation, 34-year-old Stefan Holowaychuk from Kindersley is charged with one count, possession for the purpose of trafficking, Section 5(2), Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The other male was released without charge."

Holowaychuk appeared in court on Monday, January 29, and the release from the same day stated the investigation was still ongoing.

The joint investigation in Kindersley was one of four notable calls around the province during the week. In Moose Jaw, members were on the lookout after receiving a report of a driver destroying roadside property within the local RM. Officers later located and recovered a number of the damaged signs in surrounding rural areas.

Read the full weekly report for January 22 to January 28 HERE.