Scattered rain-showers were the story once again this past week as mostly sunny skies were threatened by chances of precipitation. That trend could continue today and tomorrow before what's looking like a sunny stretch to end the week.

Much-needed rain did get the farmers out of the field in some cases, though in others it was just the possibility of a shower with no results that scared producers inside.

That was the case between Kindersley and Rosetown. Nearly all of the Rosetown region's moisture for the month was noted after 8.5 mm of total precipitation fell May 22, and Kindersley has noticeably not received any rain since our last check-in.

Storm conditions followed by cloudy skies are expected down near Outlook and Lucky Lake. Levels of precipitation in that area are differing as well with nearly no moisture being noted around Outlook, and Lucky Lake getting a shot of 5.7 mm on Monday to boost that number up to 7.1 mm total.

Leader's weather station hasn't noted anything since May 10, and then moving north to the Biggar region they have 8.5 mm total after a shot of 2.6 mm yesterday.

One notable total to the east of Kindersley without a weather station to back it up around Marengo. The most recent crop report shared only trace amounts of rain, outside of Marengo who received 22 mm and Eston who received two mm.