Rainfall warnings were issued Thursday afternoon ahead of a significant rainfall event in west-central Saskatchewan. Official rain total will take some time for Environment Canada to collect but we have some unofficial totals from residents in the area reported to us as follows.

  • 178-267 mm Smiley Area
  • 114 mm Major
  • 114 mm Conquest
  • 102mm Rosetown Area
  • 100mm Flaxcombe
  • 90mm Harris & Coleville
  • 80 mm Denzil
  • 71mm Hershel
  • 63 mm Kerrobert& Luseland
  • 50 mm Kindersley
  • 33mm Alsask
  • 32mm Wilke
  • 25mm Eatonia
  • 10 mm Leader

The RM of Prairiedale near the Village of Smiley is the hardest hit in the rainfall totals. Crews are out clearing debris from the highways from debris flows from flooding. A few spots water is still flowing over the highway.

Check out the image gallery for more images of the flooding