Kindersley, Kerrobert, and Eston recently released their RCMP Calls for Service for the week ending May 26th, 2019.

In Kindersley, a male earlier in the week was reported to be causing a disturbance as complaints were made against him for dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, he was reported to have caused a disturbance at a local business and complaints were made of the vehicle driving carelessly down Main Street. The male has since had his vehicle impounded and is set to appear in court in June.

An Eston business was broken into, the cash box was reported to be stolen and damage to wiring in the building was found.

Kindersley received four reports in the category of mischief during the week.

  • A vehicle was reported to be vandalized while it was parked in North Battleford.
  • A call was made for fireworks which were going off early in the morning, the subjects were not located and no charges have been made.
  • Another call was made for fireworks going off, no charges have been made.
  • A call of property dispute between family members was made, the result was that of a property post being damaged.

There were four reports of theft over $5000 made.

  • In Alsask was a report of a trailer and tools taken from a business.
  • In the RM of Heart’s Hill was a theft of oil from a job site.
  • In the RM of Winslow was the theft of a boat, quad and trailer, and an enclosed trailer. The boat and quad and trailer have been located, the enclosed trailer has not been found.
  • In Kinderlsey was a reported theft of tools from a locked C-can.

Kinderlsey received five reports for a suspicious person/ vehicle:

  • A complaint was made of a male outside of a house who was possibly trying to enter the residence that morning.
  • A vehicle was parked behind a business with a male and female inside, the vehicle was located with no criminal nature found and moved.
  • A vehicle was parked on a private lot, the owner was located with no suspicious activity and the vehicle was moved.
  • A suspicious male was sitting in a vehicle outside a public building, he was located and was found to be waiting for his ride because his vehicle would not start.
  • A suspicious vehicle was parked near a public location.

Other RCMP Calls for Service are as follows:


ASSAULT – Kindersley – Call of 2 males fighting,

SUI DISTURBING THE PEACE x 3 – Kindersley – complaint of loud party and people outside of a residence being noisy early in the morning. Police attended and spoke with residence owner. No charges laid at this time; Eston Riverside Park – call of property dispute between 2 neighbours, SUI; Alsask – call of female being threatened by spouse after a property dispute,

SUI FAIL TO COMPLY WITH CONDITION OF UNDERTAKING – Eston – one male charged and remanded for failing to be at residence during curfew

FRAUD x 2 – Flaxcombe – complaint of Revenue Canada tax refund fraud. Referred caller to the Anti Fraud Center; Eatonia – call of fraudulent call from Publisher’s Clearing House. No money or information was given out.

REPORT OF IMPAIRED DRIVER x 2 – RM of Kindersley – complaint of vehicle weaving all over the highway. Driver located not intoxicated; Kindersley - report of vehicle driver who appeared to be intoxicated. Members made patrols, vehicle not located.

THEFT UNDER $5000 x 3 – RM of Oakdale – report of corral systems taken from pasture, SUI; Kindersley – report of keys taken from an individual while at a business. Keys later returned to owner. No charges laid at this time; Kindersley - Report of cell phone taken while inside a business. Phone returned to owner who did not wish for charges to be laid.


DRIVING WITHOUT DUE CARE & ATTENTION x 4 – RM of Kindersley – call of Semi truck crossing the solid line several times, and tailgating the complainant. Driver of truck stopped and issued a ticket; RM of Kindersley - Call of vehicle that is all over both lanes of the highway. Members attended, but vehicle not located; Coleville – call of truck stunting. Members attended, vehicle not located; Kindersley – 1 ticket issued


INTERSECTION OFFENCES x 2 – Kindersley – 2 tickets issued

LIQUOR ACT – Male located intoxicate in public. Arrested and lodged until sober. No charge laid at this time.

MENTAL HEALTH ACT x 4 – Smiley – female transported to hospital; Kindersley – female arrested and transported to hospital; RM of Winslow – male arrested and released to family member; Coleville – male transported to hospital

REPORT OF TRAFFIC OFFENCES x 3 – RM of Kindersley – Report of vehicle passing other vehicles on the solid line. Time delay in reporting resulted in vehicle not being located; report of vehicle passing on the shoulder. Patrols made, vehicle not located; report of vehicle passing in the construction zone,

SUI SPEEDING x 40 – RM of Kindersley, RM of Newcombe, RM of Milton – 36 tickets issued, 4 warnings issued

OTHER PROVINCIAL STATUTES – Alsask – complainant not able to located owner of facility where his belongings were being stored. Complainant advise matter was civil.


911 ACT x 2 – Kindersley, Alsask


ANIMAL CALL – RM of Snipe Lake – dogs on highway causing a traffic hazard


CORONER’S ACT – RM of Chesterfield

FALSE ALARM x 4 – Eston, Major, Kindersley, RM of Milton

FIRE PREVENTION ACT – RM of Milton – vehicle fire

ITEMS LOST/FOUND - Kindersley 

TRAFFIC COLLISION x 5 – Kindersley, RM of Mariposa, RM of Milton

WELLFARE CHECK - Kindersley^llf