An underwater situation out of Wilkie stuck out in the most recent report from the Unity and Area RCMP.

Back on May 21, a vehicle left the roadway near town and ended up submerged in a body of water.

The matter is still under investigation, and on Tuesday the RCMP Underwater Recovery Team were on scene to investigate further along with recovering the vehicle.

RCMP Underwater Recovery TeamThe special unit searched the area to ensure there were no other occupants of the vehicle at the time of the collision (Photo via Unity RCMP)

Looking back to what happened on May 21, police received a report of a single vehicle rollover north of Wilkie, and it was found located submerged in water upon arrival. Also on scene were the Wilkie Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services to assist members in searching for the vehicle driver.

The driver was eventually located and had left the scene according to the report. The driver was found un-injured, and there were no other occupants in the vehicle as the matter as mentioned is still under investigation.

Find more photographs from the scary ordeal below.