People between the ages of 13 and 21 have a chance to join the National Youth Advisory Committee. 

Explained in a recent release, the committee, “help the RCMP better understand, support and connect with youth by talking about the ways they want to be engaged. National Youth Advisory Committee members learn tools for community engagement, hear about volunteer opportunities, and talk with experts and RCMP members.” 

The focus is to help, “shape how the RCMP supports youth. It brings together youth from all over Canada to discuss important issues that they face in their respective communities. The National Youth Advisory Committee provides valuable input to RCMP policies, programs and strategies.” 

Each year the members get together and share their thoughts on topics related to: 

  • Reconciliation 

  • Bullying and cyberbullying 

  • Online safety 

  • transportation safety and impaired driving 

  • cannabis and substance use 

  • mental health 

  • healthy relationships and sexual consent 

  • gender and sexual diversity 

For more information or if you are looking to join, visit the RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee page here