The Saskatchewan government says its removal of the federal carbon tax from heating contributed to an overall reduced inflation rate in the province.

According to the latest Consumer Price Index report released by Statistics Canada, the inflation rate in the province decreased from 2.7 percent in December to 1.9 percent.

The report states, 'In Saskatchewan, the collection of the carbon levy ceased in January 2024, contributing to the province's year-over-year price decline of natural gas (-26.6%).'

Crown Investments Minister Dustin Duncan said this is a clear example of what the federal government needs to do to alleviate the cost of living for Canadian families.

"This demonstrates the significant impact of removing the carbon tax on home heating in one province. Just imagine the broader impact it could have on gas prices, grocery costs, and all other goods and services we produce and transport in Canada if the federal government were to abolish the carbon tax," said Duncan.

He expressed concern that the federal government is set to increase the carbon tax again on April 1, stating, "It shows they really don't appreciate the impact it's having on Canadian families struggling with the cost of living."