Making our monthly trip for "Classroom of the Month" on Wednesday, March's winner was Westcliffe Composite School. It was a regular old pizza delivery, until we learned that two Saskatchewan Roughriders were making an appearance in Marengo as part of the team's Rider Reading Program.

Saskatchewan Roughriders kicker Brett Lauther, and offensive lineman Peter Godber were the ones in attendance. Marengo was one of a few trips the Roughriders made to west-central Saskatchewan schools this week.

Lauther is no stranger to these type of appearances, and talked about getting out to different places in Saskatchewan during the offseason.

"I've been doing this for a few years," said Lauther, who has been with the team since 2018. "Been up in Stony Rapids, Sandy Bay. East, south, west; I did about 60 schools last year, and probably going to hit about 40-50 this year. All over the province for sure."

Following Lauther's lead, the Roughriders centre Godber has been busy with the program during his first full offseason in Saskatchewan.

"This is my first year doing it, I signed with the Riders last year." said Godber. "Went to La Ronge last week, Prince Albert a few days ago. I'm learning, Brett is the veteran in this group. He's been everywhere, I haven't been so many places, but I love it so far."

Back to Lauther, he talked about the importance of Rider Reading.

"Working with the schoolboard, they said Saskatchewan has one of the lowest literacy rates across Canada." said Lauther, as they want to be a role model in the classroom, just as much as they are on the field. "We are a community owned team, and it's just a small way to give back to the community that supports us so much. Going across the province trying to promote (reading), and the Win With Wellness Program, just making sure the kids are taken care of."

WestCentralOnline covered Rider Reading a few times in 2023, including last March when Logan Ferland came to present at Westberry Elementary School in Kindersley.

Check out a photo gallery from the Roughriders most recent outing below, as the Westcliffe students coaxed Lauther and Godber into a game of volleyball before the reading.