The Rosetown & District Food Bank have been very busy the last few weeks, especially with the Christmas hamper program. Current chairperson of the Rosetown & District Food Bank Carly Ironside talks about the program. 

We actually had a wonderful holiday season. There were quite a few different food drives around town and our surrounding communities that helped us fill up our shelves. We gave out our Christmas hampers in early December and the shelves were bare after that. Not only did we receive lots of food but, we got a lot of monetary donations as well, which was much appreciated.” 

The shelves have since been refilled with the essentials according to Ironside.  

“We always have a few basic things that we're always needing. Cereal, canned fruit, Kraft Dinner, stuff like that, and those shelves right now are full.” 

The Food Bank is looking for help right now as well, as there are currently three positions needed to be filled.  

“We are currently looking for a new treasurer, so anybody who is good with money, has a sense of accounting, would be a perfect fit for that position. We're also looking for a board member to help pack campers and sort stuff. Then I as a chairperson will actually be stepping down as well.” 

Ironside knows thing will run smoothly after she leaves her current position of chairperson. 

“We have a really great board right now, I know that I'm leaving and it in good hands so, that makes me feel confident that everything will keep running as smoothly as it always does,” Ironside said.

If you are interested in filling any of those positions, you can contact the Rosetown & District Food Bank at or via the Rosetown & District Food Bank Facebook Messenger.