Tara Leith is an Educational Assistant at Walter Aseltine School in Rosetown. She has been working with Nathan Falk for about three years now, and due to his condition, he is in need of a wheelchair accessible van. 

Nathan is an 8-year-old boy who has a diagnosis of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (which is a severe form of Epilepsy), Cerebral Palsy, and Global Development Delay. Nathan is unable to sit independently for sustained periods and does not crawl or walk, he is also non-verbal. Nathan is fully dependent on his family for all transfers. Due to Nathan's limited mobility, their family has to lift him in and out of the vehicle which is becoming more difficult as he grows.

At this time the family does not have an accessible vehicle. The family is constantly travelling to and from school as well as medical appointments and would benefit from having a van with adaptations to make these transfers safer for Nathan and his family.

Leith decided to setup a GoFundMe page for young Nathan, and she also stated there will be a couple more fundraisers for the Falk's in the next little while. 

"There will also be a trade show on April 1 at the Rosetown United Church. If people are wanting information on that they can contact Penny MacLaughlin. There will also be an online auction in March, and make sure to lookout on Facebook for that one," Leith said.

Expect more from the Falk family in the coming weeks. 

Falk family.jpg The Falk family with young Nathan in the center. Photo submitted by Tara Leith.