A scary situation unfolded this past Sunday, as the Loreburn 19ers charter bus was involved in a head on collision with an SUV between Rosetown and Kindersley. Thankfully no one was seriously injured on the bus, and another nice story came out of the situation.  

Rosetown Redwings manager and longtime Rosetown resident Bob Clothier was awakened by a phone call from the Loreburn 19ers and they asked if there were any extra buses available Unfortunately there weren’t any, but he still managed to help anyways.  

“I got a truck," he said. “I'll phone my daughter (Kelli Emmons). She's our rec director here in Rosetown”, he added.  

He continued, “I phoned him back and said, hey, we'll come out and pick you guys up. He (19ers manager Mike Lemcke) said we do have our team van here because it came from Saskatoon. So, we'll load some players up and put all our equipment.” 

Clothier added, “I got my truck. We'll load up all the equipment in the truck. We'll bring everything into the rink. (Rosetown Arena). And once we get to the rink, then we can decide what's going to happen from there.” 

The situation really put things into perspective, as it showed the comradery of the province of Saskatchewan for coming to people’s aid in a time of need.  

“That’s our nature in this province. You look at Telemiracle, you look at any time there is a fundraiser for a family that is in need we always seem to come through.” 

The Rosetown Redwings manager decided to keep the friendly rivalry off the ice. 

“In the hockey world, you help each other out and as much as on the ice, you may hate each other, but you off the ice, you got to learn to love each other.”