The Sandhills Boxing Club was at the Silver Gloves boxing tournament in Medicine Hat back on January 20-21. Three competitors took part in the tournament, including a couple of first timers. This included Alex, who fared well, as he came home with a unanimous win and won best Junior B of the tournament.  Sandhills Boxing Club owner and trainer Ken Blohm talked about the weekend.   

“We had our two new competitors. It was the first time in the ring, one of them (Nathan), had a very tough match. It took a lot the first time and he unfortunately didn't get the win, but he learned a lot. He knows what he needs to do and how to get ready for the next one. The other young man (Alex), it was his first time, and he did outstanding. He won his match and was awarded the best Junior B, in the 12 and 13 age group categories.” 

Also taking part in the weekend was Ryder and Blohm talks about how he fared. 

“And then we had our, our experienced guy Ryder, he's 13 years old as well and he had a very tough match, and unfortunately, he couldn't get the win. But we come home with the losing opportunity to see what we need to work on.” 

Blohm added the Club is training for provincials which will be held at the Lonsdale Boxing Club in Regina on February 3, with five competitors taking part.