Leader musicians performed Monday and Tuesday dazzling the audience with their hard work and dedication to their craft. The music festival has seen an increase in both applications and entries over the last two years, showcasing a growing and thriving musical culture for the area.

Acting vice president Elizabeth Heatcoat spoke with WestCentralOnline telling us all about the performances on Monday and Tuesday, 

“Monday and Tuesday went just absolutely fantastic. It's been really nice to see our festival grow. I think both in the number of competitors and quality of the participants and their entries over the last two years.” 

The performances are adjudicated by an individual well versed in the arts being performed to both critique and encourage in equal parts. 

“... The thing with adjudicators is that they are absolutely skilled in their trade right and what a treat for the kids to learn from a teacher and just hear some feedback from a musician of that caliber.” 

The curtains haven’t drawn just yet on the music festival though, tonight at 7 the final grand concert will take place at the Elks Hall in Leader. 

The grand concert will begin tonight at 7pm at the Leader Community Hall.  

Doors will open at 6:30pm.  

Be sure to keep an eye on the on the leader community Facebook group here as more events take place in the area