The members of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation overwhelmingly support job sanctions. In a vote held this week, 95 percent of teachers voted in favour of the sanctions, which will be left to the executive of the STF to determine what those will look like, and when they will take effect.  

The Teachers’ Bargaining Committee declared an impasse in the negotiations with the provincial government for a new collective bargaining agreement earlier this month. They have started the conciliation process in an effort to resume the negotiations.  

The talks for the new contract have been contentious at times. The teachers have put forward 10 issues they want to have included in the new CBA, and have stated the government has refused to bargain on nine of those proposals.  

“I want to be very clear that an obstinate and out-of-touch government is forcing this situation down an unfortunate path,” said Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation President Samantha Becotte in a written release. “Teachers want to negotiate a fair deal at the bargaining table. We are hopeful that the conciliation process will be successful. But the results of this vote send a very clear message. We are united, we are prepared, and we are ready to fight for our colleagues, our students and the families who are struggling in underfunded and under-resourced public schools across Saskatchewan. I want our government to finally listen to what teachers are telling them with this vote: Enough is enough.” 

Becotte added it is disappointing the government is trying to villainize teachers instead of negotiating. 

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